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Moveabout Therapy Services is a paediatric therapy clinic located in the Norwest Business Park in Bella Vista, providing occupational therapy and speech therapy for children throughout Sydney and beyond. Our clinicians have experience and training in Australia and the United States of America and continually aim to provide the best service based on the most current information.

Our clinicians use the latest in advanced therapeutic techniques and equipment to help improve the health and well-being of children and families.

To ease access to our services, we accept payment through the FaHCSIA Helping Children with Autism and Better Start packages, and we can accept Medicare referrals under the General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP)/Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC), GP Mental Health Treatment Plan/Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), and our services are also covered by private health insurance providers.

Please explore our website to discover more about our clinic, the therapeutic tools we use, and the services we offer. If you have further questions, please call or email to discuss the details of how we could help your child and your family.

Latest News

Sheila M. Frick presents

Therapeutic Listening: Listening with the Whole Body

2nd & 3rd December 2017

Hornsby RSL, 4 High Street, Hornsby NSW

In this newly revised workshop, you will learn to use Therapeutic Listening modulated audio selections (available on CDs, digital music players and some mobile devices) to create individualized, home-based programs for clients. This course will provide a strong emphasis on practical application and explore the use of Therapeutic Listening within the context of multiple case studies. You will also learn how to implement Therapeutic Listening strategies in conjunction with postural, respiratory, and sensory activities. This course will take you through all of the steps, from assessment to outcomes, for creating complete Therapeutic Listening programs. Video case presentations will be used to illustrate points and show changes in individuals with listening and other sensory processing difficulties, including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, apraxia, anxiety, and Down's Syndrome.

This workshop will be especially meaningful for professionals who have a background in sensory integration, including practitioners in schools, hospitals, and private clinics. Participants will gain the necessary background information to begin using Therapeutic Listening right away. The specialized headphones and digital music players or music albums required for Therapeutic Listening are available for purchase upon course completion.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
-Describe the relationship between listening and sensory integration.
-Identify individuals with sensory processing and listening difficulties who may respond well to Therapeutic Listening.
-Create Therapeutic Listening programs that are adapted to meet
specific needs of individual clients.
-Demonstrate understanding of the role of postural, respiratory, and sensory strategies that are part of the Therapeutic Listening program.

Regular: $695
Early Bird: $645

Sheila M. Frick, is an internationally esteemed clinician, lecturer and pioneer in Occupational Therapy. Her expertise includes sensory processing dysfunction, sensory integration and auditory interventions. She created and continues to expand Therapeutic Listening, which she has taught to over 10,000 therapists worldwide. She also lectures on such topics as clinical neurology, respiration, the vestibular/auditory system, and various auditory interventions. She is the creator and author of Listening with the Whole Body, and co-author of Core Concepts in Action, Astronaut Training, and Out of the Mouths of Babes.

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